Sportsnet FAN590 morning show changes. AK is out!

There was a time a few months ago when the FAN590 decided to do away with their morning show duo of Gord Stellick and the other guy… I liked their show but it had gone on way too long.  I was tired about hearing stories about Gord as GM of the Leafs.

They tested a bunch of other morning show host – all pretty bland – while listeners like myself turned the dial to to AM640.

Then one day I switched back to the FAN and there was a trash-talking morning show host called Andrew Krystal.  apparently AK was a morning show guy in Toronto for some other station(s) prior to his stint in Halifax. 

I found Krystal to be loud and opinionated – which I’m okay with, but what drove me crazy was that he talked over everyone on the station.  He had a lot of puns and quips that would make CBC host Ron Maclean proud – but I found his humour to be potty humour that would make my kids giggle.  So while it took me a good few months to get his humour and be able to listen to longer parts of his show without losing patience, I never found myself turning on the FAN first wanting to hear his show – and I guess I was not the only one as Friday morning, the FAN had removed AK and replaced him with Greg Brady who they stole from AM640 and stuck at lunch time. 

I like Brady. I liked him on 640.  He laughs at his own jokes a lot, but he’s funny and knows his stuff.  I’m not saying AK didn’t but at least Brady let’s people talk.

I’ll be tuning in to the FAN more often the morning, especially when Oakley from AM640 has a lame topic because I find Brady way less irritating than Krystal.

Now you can too…