Toronto Maple Leafs trade Kris Versteeg for draft picks and Toronto sports fans still hate it…

Brian Burke is in a no-win situation.

He gets Phil Kessel for two-first round picks and a second round pick and fans hate that move because Kessel – probably better suited as a solid 2nd line winger – is slumping.

Then, yesterday he ships out Kris Versteeg – a 24 year old winger he picked up from the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks for 3 spare parts in the summer – for a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick from the Flyers.

Fans… Still not happy because the Flyers are a top team in the league.

But let’s put this all in perspective. I’ve been a Leafs fan since the late 70’s – yes I’m that old – and back then they sucked worse and had no future because of Harold Ballard. Now, they have pressure from everywhere.

Versteeg – I watched him play last week against the Thrashers – was not a good hockey player. Watching him skate around made me realize that because a player is on a championship team does not make him a top-notch player. He is replaced by Jeoffrey Lupal. Lupal came to Toronto with a prospect for a very over-priced give-away prone defenseman named Beauchemin.

Net result, is the Leafs have to get better so as to not give the Bruins a lottery pick this year. They have filled out the second line now with MacArthur, Kulemin and Grabovski. Their first line is Lupol and Kessel (insert a centre that can move the puck here not named Bozak) and in the off season urke will load up a real first line with some free agent talent as the team will have a ton of cap room once Komisarek and Kaberle are gone.

I’m sad for the Leafs.

The sounds I heard most in the ACC were those of apathy.

I just don’t want to give the B’s any more quality players, as Rask and Seguin are enough.

As for the deal just completed today which saw the Leafs pick up Aaron Voros from the (who else) Ducks for a 7th round pick. Sure Voros was available last week on waivers and yes, he was assigned straight to the Marlies, but why give up that pick? Voros, no goals and 43 PIM in the farm this year… Yikes.


NHLPA Player poll results: Leafs, Coach Ron Wilson and Phil Kessel all suck!

I sure as hell hope someone down at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) was reading blogs this morning or listening to the Rogers Sportsnet FAN590, or AM640, because Leafs-nation took a massive beating this weekend and someone from MLSE needs to start to fix the problem!

It all started to go downhill, when Toronto Maple Leaf forward Phil Kessel – of the 2 first round picks and a second round pick to Boston – was chosen last among all players at this year’s all-star game in Raleigh, North Carolina. Instead of getting mad and shining at the game, Kessel did what he does most nights as the Leafs’ marquee player… he was invisible. His final line for the event read like this; 3 shots on goal.

What would I have done in his shoes!? I would have done exactly what former NHL superstar Jeremy Roenick said on the FAN this morning; that if it had happened to him, he would run everyone in sight each and every shift. While Kessel smiled and said nothing, content to have taken his beating from his peers and then go on to prove them right, Roenick would go to prove them wrong… All of them.

Then came a survey from the NHL Players Association (NHLPA), a survey of 318 players who listed Toronto’s Ron Wilson as the coach they would least like to play for. He garnered 24% of the vote. Granted Mike Keenan who has not coached in the NHL in over 2 years received 9% of the vote, but the NHL’s 4th most winningest coach is perceived to be very much unliked by players. Great.

The other bad news for MLSE and Leaf-nation is the fact that Toronto, the city, ranked 4th last in this poll as a destination to play. See what all the losing has done to this franchise!

Crappy team, crappy coach, no future… Yikes!

MLSE… Wake up!!! Do something! Anything! Be mad as hell and say we’re not going to take it anymore. Please.

Here is the link to Slam Sports article on the survey results;

Does Anyone Care What LeBron Thinks?

Does anyone really care what LeBron James thinks about what is best for the NBA? I sure as hell don’t.

The self-appointed “King” who has tarnished his crown by moving to the Heat is thinking like a selfish rich boy when he stated that the NBA would be better off if there were less teams.

Less teams means less of an opportunity to see you, LBJ, how else can your legend grow because outside of Miami, you’re not the most loved overpaid athlete in the world…

Are you thinking that your team of “all-stars” would be able to beat other teams of all-stars and that you could be the man if this were to happen? Hey James, news flash… I watched you in the playoffs, in high-pressure games and you, umm, didn’t deliver.

But step back, LBJ and look at what you need to be a team. You need all the guys working together in the same system helping each other succeed. Oh, that’s a new concept to you. It’s okay. You’ll learn. So tell supporting contraction you are essentially okay if 30, 60 or 120 of your brothers lose their jobs. Who needs teams in Minnesota, or New Jersey, heck or in Toronto. It’s all about what will make you look good.

For probably the 5th or 6th time on this blog, I’m going to have to say it again. LeBron… Your gift is being able to play basketball. That’s all. Please shut up and play. Don’t tell anyone how to run a billion dollar industry. If you wanted to do that, then you should have stayed in school, got your MBA or LLB and worked on the corporate side. It’s not so easy to say, let’s contract. It’s actually selfish and self-centered… Oh… I get it.

My bad.

G20 “Protestors” are like Sean Avery…

After a hectic weekend in downtown Toronto where a bunch of malcontents wrecked havoc on this city, I tried to put into words the harted I have for these low-life cowards…

Then it donned on me…

They remind me of Sean Avery.

They are sneaky, devious, dangerous and they snuck thorugh the crowd of legitimate protestors like Avery snakes around the ice looking for cause damage, to hurt someone.  The “protestors” covered their face in cowardice the same way Avery turtles or turns his back when someone comes after him.

In the NHL, people like Avery are called “pests” or “agitators”.  On the streets of Toronto these “people” who smashed windows and set police cars on fire in the name of the G20 are the Matt Cooke’s of the world.  They’ll hit you and knock you out from behind (or the side) because it’s much easier to do that then to do it face-to-face.

Nothing made me smile more than seeing the Toronto Police grab these ingrates from the crowd, cuff them and take them away.  Much the same way you love to see these agitators get tossed from the game or hurt trying to hurt someone else.


Raptors Hedo Turkaglu wants out of Toronto

So, this Turkey Doesn’t Like Toronto, eh?

Who the heck does Hedo Turk-a-who? think he is?

Hedo Turkoglu tells Turkish TV that he is done playing NBA basketball in Toronto and would like to be traded. Really? How valuable is a poor playing, party-too-much, no-loyalty whiner worth? Less when you go public with your trade demands…

I guess I am pretty much okay with that, even with Toronto all but losing Chris Bosh to free agency.

Any player making the kind of money today’s professional athletes garner, playing a game, should not be surprised when fans have expectations of them. I have expectations…

I want a player who gives it their all, plays through pain, is a role model and leads by example. You don’t have to be the best at your craft but you do have to be one of the hardest workers.

Hence my frustration with the Toronto Raptors and with Good ‘Ol Hedo.

He just never looked like he was trying.

What’s that Hedo? “Ball” You say?!?

Is that all you could muster for a city dying to support this team, hoping you could be the piece of the puzzle to get them to the next level.


Well “Ball”, indeed.

I think Toronto Life hit the nail on the head when speculating as to why Hedo want to take his ball and go home;

“Turkoglu was fined last season after he was caught out and about in Yorkville immediately after missing a game due to what he claimed was a stomach virus. The punishment left him unimpressed. “If I had a more temperamental personality, I would have left the team,” said Turkoglu, who also reneged on a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers last summer in favour of Toronto. “When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city.”

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going to a city with more money and better parties.”

So by tipping his hat and all but demanding out of this city, what does that do to Raps GM Bryan Colangelo? With other teams knowing the Raptors need an out of this pickle – a player signing just for the dollars, not producing and being unhappy when being called out – then return is going to be diminished.

Thank you Hedo for speaking up and demanding out before the Raps fans turfed you out. If you don’t want to be here, please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Maybe you could come back to party!

Hopefully your next employer will be more tolerant of your carefree attitude, and allow you to skip games and still party, and in return you can provide better interviews and respect the fans and team that is over-paying you play this game.

WWE RAW November 30, 2009.

Did Santino Marella – my favourite Italian wrestler from Toronto possibly named after former WWF referee Joey Marella who was the son, I believe, of former WWF legend Gorilla Monsoon – call Shaemus, “Lame Ass”.

The Lucky Charms comment was great… They are magically delicious…

But that dude, the “Celtic Warrior” needs something to keep his thighs from rubbing and some sunlight.  Seriously.

Toronto: World class city… Shitty sports teams…

WTF is wrong with this city?

Can someone… anyone… please field / ice a sports team that doesn’t suck? It’s killing me!

I love this city, don’t get me wrong, but being a sports fan here is about as embarrassing as it can get.

Toronto Maple Leafs? Brutal! 0-7-1 and can’t even tank it to finish last because if they do, the Boston Bruins get their 1st overall draft pick… Ouch.

Toronto Blue Jays? Have a $30 million dollar player in Vernon Wells hitting .236, and their $17 million dollar player, Alex Rios was let go on waivers because their idiot former-GM decided it was better that way than to trade him for live bodies. In a division full of the teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, and (Devil) Rays, they are bound to finish 3rd or 4th from now until eternity.

TFC – Sorry, wanted to type KFC since they acted like headless chickens on steroids after losing a must-win game 5-0 to the just awful NY Red Bulls. No playoffs for this team yet.

Toronto Raptors? So much promise, yet usually disappointing.

Toronto Rock?  The lacrosse team that I have had season’s ticket to for so many years because they are entertaining and cheap are not so entertaining these days and not so cheap anymore.

I don’t even want to discuss the Toronto Argonauts Football club.  They hired an NFL head coach in Bart Andrus and after having their best game of the season being their 1st game of the season, they finished the season with a horrible 3-14 record.  Brutal, eh?  I even went to a game and have watched several on TV and not only did their QB stink, but the team stunk play after play.

Is there another major-league city with more shitty sports teams than Toronto?  If so, please let me know so I won’t feel so bad.