Random Sports thoughts for a long weekend.

  • I loved the R-Truth / John Morrison segment on RAW the other night.  Brought a whole new look at R-Truth who I could not stand mainly because of the singing and the piercings.  I could have done without the smoking, however.
  • Hoping the Buffalo Sabres – who held off the Toronto Maple Leafs late season surge beat the Philadelphia Flyers.  I detest the Flyers – well everything Philly, except the Phillies.  To see them lose will hopefully be a sign to management there that being the league bullies will not bring success and championships.  Hartnell, Carcillo, Pronger, Versteeg, Mike Richards… Ugh.
  • Any chance the Heat are going to lose in the 1st round?  Doubt it.
  • IF the NHL brings the Jets back to Winnipeg, I think the country of Canada should arrange a deal with the Jets where by people buy a Jets jersey and 50% of it goes to the team to help it keep some cash so it won’t be considered a small market.  I’d buy one!
  • I watch TNA wrestling and as much as I like the wrestling, I realize each and every Thursday night how bad the writing is.  Storylines come and go with no rhyme or reason, people like Rick Flair and still in there, and guys like Gunner and Murphy and Rob Terry are portrayed as useless.  Even RVD gets called out for being a pothead in the show.  I just don’t get it.  If I wanted to watch the alsorans from the WWE, I’d watch Superstars, not Impact.
  • Come to think of it… I think Philly management might be writing for TNA… The Flyers always like to be big and tough, however, no goaltending and too many goons is a huge problem.  They got to the finals with Michael Leighton, then gave him a huge contact but he didn’t play well this year so they turned to Bobrovsky, who had a bad game and they handed the reins over to Brian Boucher – who I used to watch in junior… Big talent, big ego I thought, and now Boucher let in soft goals so they’re back and Leighton whho may not have played since December 3rd or something crazy like that.  Hey Philly… Less goons, better goaltending!

The Week that Was – Wrestling

So Jeff Hardy showed up last night to the TNA PPV not fit to wrestle… Anyone surprised? He’s the face of TNA… Yikes!

MVP has asked for and been released by the WWE. Yay! I thought that (yawn) MVP left years ago. He wrestled in slo-motion and I hated the outfits and breathe-right stripe.

Jillian Hall is also gone. Good riddance… She was pretty useless from all angles.

Matt Hardy Released by the WWE

For weeks and weeks, Matt Hardy has been telling anyone who will listen to the “MattHardyBrand” that he wants out of the WWE, and that wish has finally come true for the former superstar who more recently looked a little washed up and like he is in pain with every step.

When Matt started getting fat and his character never evolved it was time for him to move on… Why not TNA. They love the WWE cast-offs.

As has become standard by WWE practices, the Fed announced the release on its website, stating, “WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy, effective as of October 15, 2010. WWE wishes Matt Hardy the best in his future endeavors.”

As expected, once his release became public Hardy has been tweeting up a storm (I follow him and Jeff) discussing his future in wrestling.

He had this to say, “Thank God! 🙂 I swear.. It was harder for me to get released then it was to get hired! This is ABSOLUTELY what I want, now I can be me! I wanna thank WWE for giving me an opportunity, & I thank all the people & friends that helped me there. But I HAD to move on to be happy.”

I recall Hardy getting his big break as a member of the of the New Brood, guided by Gangrel. When you think about the Brood – Hardy, Edge, Christian, that was a lot of talent in one group.

I think the beginning of the end for Hardy occurred after his big moment in the spotlight with Lita as Team Extreme. His Matt Hardy Version 1 gimmick was great, but when he was being followed by Shannon Moore and Crash Holly it weakened his character.

When Matt’s real-life girlfriend, Lita, started dating Edge, it was written into a story-line in what is perhaps his best-known feud from his WWE career. For months, Edge and Hardy battled on Monday nights, with the blowoff coming in a “Loser Leaves Raw” ladder match. As a result of losing the bout, Hardy was moved to Smackdown.

Back on Smackdown, Hardy feuded with the very-overrated MVP. It was during this fued that Hardy’s body began to breakdown, and he missed some time to recover from an appendectomy. Hardy defeated MVP for the United States title. While holding the belt, Hardy was moved to ECW in 2008, where he would eventually gain the brand’s Heavyweight championship.

Hardy would hold the ECW title into 2009, and then shift into a feud, as a heel, with his brother, Jeff. The feud climaxed at WrestleMania, with Matt defeating his brother. Following the feud, Hardy would find his way back to Smackdown until he had to go under the knife once again in June. Hardy would eventually return to WWE, where he remained for the rest of his WWE career. He would also become a mentor on the first season of NXT, with Justin Gabriel under his guidance.

Hardy looked like he was disinterested and with his best years clearly behind him, he asked for and was given his release. I think of him like I do the team of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty which Jeff being Michaels and Matt being Jannetty.

Why TNA Wrestling will NEVER overtake the WWE

There was no Impact this past Thursday night because TNA didn’t want to compete with the start of NFL football…



What if you love wrestling but hate football, like I do?

First they move from Thursday’s to Mondays to “compete” with RAW – during a period whe4n most RAW’s sucked – now no show on Thursday night?!?

Argh! VERY frustrating.

Dixie Carter… Dumb move!

What’s next? No show next Thursday because it’ll be season premier week and there will be a new Grey’s Anatomy?!?

Believe in the brand, Dixie! Believe in the brand!

Can the WWE’s NXT kill TNA Wrestling

I watched the entire RAW on Monday night for the first time in quite a while and found myself intrigued by the storylines and the potential that existed to really make a bang during the summer.

It all started when Shaemus came out and told Mr. McMahon (VKM) that he did not want to keep the WWE title as he did not feel that he won it fairly as a result of the NXT attack on John Cena. I really thought he was turning face. Then he said he would keep the belt anyways… Great swerve.

The matches on the card were surprisingly pretty good and the next swerve came when the NXT boys came out and were jumped by the Hart Dynasty. I have new respect for Tyson Kidd.

When they apologized I thought, ugh, some of these stiffs will be out of the WWE within 6 months as faces. The thought of the WWE locker room rising up to battle these guys enticed me and I thought how exciting it would be to see VKM lead these guys to total destruction of the WWE. How ironic would it be if these “rookies” took the WWE back to lefty heights while TNA and all their senior citizens strugged to match the market share of WWE Superstars.

Now that NXT is now available in Canada, I am totally going to check out this show! I’d much rather watch these rookies battle each other than have to watch Ric Flair wrestle again. He should have retired 15 years ago! Scott Hall? Hulk Hogan? Orlando Jordon? Kevin Nash? Even Val Venis while he was there… Please! Not on my TV.

So I cheered when VKM had the crap beaten out of him by the NXT 7. I hope they now bring back Danielson and steal their way to all the WWE titles. It all sounds like NWO but without the old guys and spray paint.

I have not been able to say this for a long time, but I cannot wait for next Monday’s RAW.

If this keeps up, it will spell the end to Double J, Jeff Jarrett and his TNA.

What’cha gonna do??

WWE Releases 7 Wrestlers…

The WWE has announced a bunch of roster cuts prior to the draft – which quite frankly I’m not too sure I really like anymore with all the inter-promotional matches.

From WWE.com; “WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Divas Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill as well as Superstars Shelton Benjamin, Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang as of today, April 22, 2010. We wish them the best in all future endeavors.”

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Mike Knox as of today, April 22, 2010. We wish him the best in all future endeavors,” WWE announced on Thursday.

Of all the releases I am going to miss Mickie James the most. While she was on the Smackdown brand, she is a multi-time women’s champion and was probably the biggest name left of the divas. I can totally see her in TNA, unless her music career is legit.

The other “big” name, also from Smackdown, is Shelton Benjamin, who has held numerous titles for the company, including the tag team titles and Intercontinental title. He is an enigma in my opinion. Has all the tools to be a top wrestler but zero personality. I’d watch him periodically and be amazed by how great he moves around the ring, then realize how little I cared about his matches because he was just Shelton Benjamin… Boring.

Three of the other names — Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J, and Jimmy Wang Yang — are less surprising. I’ve never even heard of Slam Master J…

Oddly enough, I follow Jimmy Wang Yang on Twitter. He posted this message I presume regarding his release; “Three strikes and your out…I hear Florida is a nice place to visit.”

I also follow Mickie James on Twitter and she wrote some uber-long comment about the James Gang and other stuff.

I actually quite enjoyed watching her, especially as she tried to help some of the newer “talent” and you could see from the smiles and pats on the ass that she really liked what she was doing.

And to think when she first came to WWE she was the Trish Status stalker…

Katie Lea Burchill can now join her “brother” Paul on the unemployment line. I really liked both of them, even their characters and hope they will return one day to the WWE.

The “Monday night war” is over. Give it up TNA

TNA iMPACT! earned a 0.6 cable rating. It is the lowest rating for the show since a Saturday night edition in 2005.

WWE RAW Monday earned a 3.7 cable rating.

The WWE Hall of Fame Saturday earned a 1.3 cable rating.

Although some common sense still exists in TNA as the Nasty Boys 90 day contracts were not renewed.

Maybe these ratings will convince Dixie Carter to stop trash-talking the WWE and keep her mouth shut…