Random Sports thoughts for a long weekend.

  • I loved the R-Truth / John Morrison segment on RAW the other night.  Brought a whole new look at R-Truth who I could not stand mainly because of the singing and the piercings.  I could have done without the smoking, however.
  • Hoping the Buffalo Sabres – who held off the Toronto Maple Leafs late season surge beat the Philadelphia Flyers.  I detest the Flyers – well everything Philly, except the Phillies.  To see them lose will hopefully be a sign to management there that being the league bullies will not bring success and championships.  Hartnell, Carcillo, Pronger, Versteeg, Mike Richards… Ugh.
  • Any chance the Heat are going to lose in the 1st round?  Doubt it.
  • IF the NHL brings the Jets back to Winnipeg, I think the country of Canada should arrange a deal with the Jets where by people buy a Jets jersey and 50% of it goes to the team to help it keep some cash so it won’t be considered a small market.  I’d buy one!
  • I watch TNA wrestling and as much as I like the wrestling, I realize each and every Thursday night how bad the writing is.  Storylines come and go with no rhyme or reason, people like Rick Flair and still in there, and guys like Gunner and Murphy and Rob Terry are portrayed as useless.  Even RVD gets called out for being a pothead in the show.  I just don’t get it.  If I wanted to watch the alsorans from the WWE, I’d watch Superstars, not Impact.
  • Come to think of it… I think Philly management might be writing for TNA… The Flyers always like to be big and tough, however, no goaltending and too many goons is a huge problem.  They got to the finals with Michael Leighton, then gave him a huge contact but he didn’t play well this year so they turned to Bobrovsky, who had a bad game and they handed the reins over to Brian Boucher – who I used to watch in junior… Big talent, big ego I thought, and now Boucher let in soft goals so they’re back and Leighton whho may not have played since December 3rd or something crazy like that.  Hey Philly… Less goons, better goaltending!

Leafs / Ducks / Flames Shake-up – one game in…

So now all three of the teams involved in the Leafs trade from Sunday have played their first game all with the same common result.  A 3-0 Shut-Out.

The Flames lost 3-0 to the Flyers.
Leafs won 3-0 over the Devils
Ducks win 3-0 over Panthers.

Let me tell you why…

Ducks: Get a speedy forward who could not make it in Toronto. He has skill, and heart but no talented players to play along with him. He should do well with the Ducks. As for Toskala, he’ll be okay as the back-up. No pressure. The Ducks called up another Leafs cast-off in Justin Pogge until Toskala gets to Anaheim.

Surprised and relieved that someone… anyone… was willing to take these 2 contracts and give us a goalie in return. Win-win.

Flames – yikes! Give up a top defenseman, and really tall young defenseman and a good penalty killing forward. In return they get 4 average players. Stajan is ok… at times. Hagman is, as described to me prior to him joining the Buds, a very good 2nd line or 3rd line player who excels when not being checked by the other team’s top players. White is a typical undersized / underrated defenseman who had unlimited potential and gets the job done. He was the Leafs #1A along with Kaberle. Jamal Mayers… Uh huh… Nuff said.

Then the Flames shipped out Prust an agitator and Jokinen a floater for 2 under achieving players in Kotalik (who was sent home by the Rangers) and Higgins who looks like he could use some premium time in the gym…

Leafs – Tempo set by Phaneuf and his hit and fight on his first or second shift. Reminds me of Wendel Clark in that there was a buzz on the ice when he was on. I like that. With Giguere in net it is a huge upgrade over any of the last 6 stiffs who have tended the Leafs net including; Raycroft, Pogge, the Monster, that kids in the farm they signed from the horrible Islanders… Joey something… Toskala and the list goes on. Knowing your goalie might actually make a save builds confidence right away. Sjostrom helped do that on the PK, and finally the young kids get to play in meaningful positions and I’m talking about Hanson, Kulemin, Stahlburg, Mitchell and Bozak. Finally a way to build from within.

Canucks vs Oilers

I just watched the highlights of last night’s NHL game between the Edmonton Oilers (in very cool retro looking jerseys – thought is was the powerhouse Oilers of the 80’s) and the Vancouver Canucks.

I picked up on something clearly obvious from NHL on the Fly, specifically that the majority of the Canucks goals went into the top corner of the net because the Oilers goalies – starting with Deslauries-Drouin – were down on their knees in the butterfly as soon as the shots were taken.  So the Canucks keep putting them high and to the glove side and the Oilers goalies – not back catchers – were on their knees reaching up and missing the puck.

The one really nice glove save made by the Oilers goalie was when he didn’t go down and snared a bullet.

If I’m the goalie coach, I tie these goalies to the goalposts and crossbar in the next practice and remind them what it’s like to be hit by a puck.  It’s like they are afraid to be hurt. 


NY Yankees

I can hear their commentator in my head…

Close your eyes and picture it… Listen to his voice…

Thheeeeee Yankeeees LOSE!
Thhhhheeeeeeeeee Yankees LOSE!

Way to go AJ Burnett. 5 years as a Blue Jay, one decent season, also your contract year, with an 18-10 record.

While the Yankees may and probably will win the world series, AJ doesn’t deserve it. You think he was average this year winning only 3 games from July to September… See how he is when there is nothing to play for in his eyes.

There is still something to be said for loyalty!