Chris Bosh is back in Toronto. Where is Charles Oakley when you need him?

So tonight is the night that Chris Bosh and his ego make their return to the Air Canada Centre as his Miami Heat play the sad sack Toronto Raptors.

What can I expect to see tonight? 

I know what I would like to see tonight… Nothing like what happened when Bosh, James, and Wade returned to Cleveland to play the even worse Cavaliers.  In that game, there were hugs, handshakes, high-fives, and the Cavs allowed LBJ to return and embarrass the Cav players and insult the fans who paid money to watch the team play that night and any other night prior.

It was a black mark for the league.

In today’s NBA with some team’s having one good player and a few team having 2 or 3 of them, there is nothing left to draw fans to the games.  The rivalries are dead.  If in that game the Cavs players refused to take part in the LeBron love-fest and play the game  hard, they would have earned the respect of the fans of not only Cleveland but also the rest of the league.

Instead they sucked and went on to lose 26 in a row soon there after.

No heart!

Which is exactly why tonight I want to see no hugs, no hi-fives, no helping anyone up after a foul.  I want to see Canadian basketball… Play the Heat hard, treat this game like it matters for the fans of Toronto AND the fans of Cleveland.  I want to see someone on the Dinos step up and knock one of these Heat on their ass and take no prisoners.

I know doing this may result in a lopsided score but at least it tells Bosh – he is not going to be welcomed back with open arms tonight and it will tell that blowhard James to keep his mouth shut and not to comment on anything to do with Toronto.  I’ve commented on how LBJ feels he is entitled to comment on things Toronto and things NBA because he is one of the best players, but deep down inside he’s just another kid with a high-school education who can play a game very well.  He should leave the talking to those who know something.

But all of this is just a dream.

There is no Charles Oakley, or even Rafael Arroujo who are going to destroy Bosh as he swoops in for a dunk, not is a player like the very tattooed Ed David going to step in to one of the Heat.

Instead, they will hug at the beginning of the game, at the end of the game and during the game the Raptor players will watch the Heat destroy them and Bosh, LBJ, Wade and Co will leave Toronto with a perceived notch in their belts having taught the Raptors a lesson like they did to the Cavaliers.

Boo on the NBA for allowing all this “love” before a game.  It cheapens the event and sets the tone the game is going to played by a bunch of rich dudes just collecting their pay checks.

I’m not saying allow fighting like they do it other sports – ahem – NHL, but man, could some Raptor leave tonight as the hero to the City, the Country and even to fans of NBA teams upset by the hijinks of the Miami Heat.  These guys made a mockery of the leagues free agent process, they want the spotlight on their egos all the time and the trash-talk and put down Toronto management – saying the team didn’t want to win.

If I was playing tonight, I would pour water into the chalk LBJ tosses into the air, or crazy glue… Something to stop the “King LeBron” show before it starts.  Do I come to see this man, excuse me, boys act?  Nope.   I want to see a game.  

But it won’t happen… Not tonight.

 It’s going to be too painful to watch for me.  When I play sports I take pride in my team and I play to win – within the rules – but hard each and every second I’m out there.  I do it for free.  These guys are getting paid BIG bucks to do it.  They should do it for the team, for the City and most importantly for themselves. 

After tonight Raptors management will know for sure who wants to be here and who is just collecting a paycheck.

Cavs management must have been horrified after their experience.

I fear we are going to experience the same.


Does Anyone Care What LeBron Thinks?

Does anyone really care what LeBron James thinks about what is best for the NBA? I sure as hell don’t.

The self-appointed “King” who has tarnished his crown by moving to the Heat is thinking like a selfish rich boy when he stated that the NBA would be better off if there were less teams.

Less teams means less of an opportunity to see you, LBJ, how else can your legend grow because outside of Miami, you’re not the most loved overpaid athlete in the world…

Are you thinking that your team of “all-stars” would be able to beat other teams of all-stars and that you could be the man if this were to happen? Hey James, news flash… I watched you in the playoffs, in high-pressure games and you, umm, didn’t deliver.

But step back, LBJ and look at what you need to be a team. You need all the guys working together in the same system helping each other succeed. Oh, that’s a new concept to you. It’s okay. You’ll learn. So tell supporting contraction you are essentially okay if 30, 60 or 120 of your brothers lose their jobs. Who needs teams in Minnesota, or New Jersey, heck or in Toronto. It’s all about what will make you look good.

For probably the 5th or 6th time on this blog, I’m going to have to say it again. LeBron… Your gift is being able to play basketball. That’s all. Please shut up and play. Don’t tell anyone how to run a billion dollar industry. If you wanted to do that, then you should have stayed in school, got your MBA or LLB and worked on the corporate side. It’s not so easy to say, let’s contract. It’s actually selfish and self-centered… Oh… I get it.

My bad.

Chris Bosh, formerly of the Toronto Raptors

Let me begin by stating publically that I’m not sure if I can drink my large double, double from Tim Horton’s so long as they have a picture of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo on it.

I know the first Timmy’s opened there, but come on! Toronto… Double Blue… AAArrrGGGoooosssss!!!

Now, basketball…

So LeBron James had decide to speak… First he somehow thinks it is a good idea to hold a press conference and tells the world how great he is – in the middle of prime time TV slot, with the interview taking place in a boys and girls club. No sympathy points won here buddy.

Then he shuns his former team by saying how much he did for them.

At this point, I’m thinking he’s the biggest (richest) a**hole in the world.


He goes on Larry King live – interviewed in the courtyard of his palatial estate in front of an elaborate water fountain, and tells Larry how great he is, how big his house is and again how great he is.

I’m thinking, now I know he’s an giant (stinking rich) a**hole.


He talks about his mom and how she had him when she was just 16 and how he doesn’t know how she did it. As a father of three kids in my late 30’s I’m not sure how she did it either. He went on to say that his motivation to be the best player in the world and to do the right thing is because of her.


While I still want the Heat to lose every game, I’m softening my stance on the whole LBJ thing.

I’m also softening my stance on the collusion aspect where other league execs are calling on the NBA to investigate how the Heat could re-sign Wade, and sign Bosh and James.

I mean come on. The Heat must have arranged this over a year ago for them to be able to draw up and execute their plan to dump contracts and make room for these guys. If Bosh, Wade and James go elsewhere, the Heat have 4 guys signed for the 2010/2011 campaign. That would be crazy… But… While that did seem suspicious, the Knicks and Nets pretty much did the same thing. I’m also sure the Bulls had room. These teams cleared up cap space and took a run at these 3 free agents who had apparently decided years ago they were all going to play together. With that, do NOT believe when any of these guys utter the phrase, “I was strongly considering staying in [insert city Toronto or Cleveland here]”. No you were not! You wanted to be wined and dined by other teams in order to experience the free agent feelings but you were gone years ago. Both Bosh and LBJ would be respected had they said all along this was the plan, instead of leading on the other cities and the fans.

But how much would I have laughed if LBJ announced that he was joining the Toronto Raptors… We have a monarchy in Canada, so “King James” could have met Queen Elizabeth who is on tour right now in Toronto. What would CB4 have done?

So being a basketball fan, but not a diehard fan, I am a bit surprised when I hear that the Raptors will be okay and possibly compete for a playoff spot as a result of the acquisitions they made after CB. They sucked with him… and to think they might contend for a playoff spot without him makes me wonder what Miami is getting… Will he ever touch the ball there?

Italy GONE from the World Cup, Top 4 NBA Free Agents likely gone from their Teams and Wimbledon vs. US National Debt.

Why is it SO easy to be happy to see Italy eliminated from the World Cup?

After trading Jaro Halak to the St. Louis Blues wouldn’t it look great and the Habs if Carey Price turned down their offers and forced them to trade him.

Chris Bosh is going to leave Toronto because he “wants to be the big fish” in a medium sized pond. If he goes to the Knicks it’s for money and fame, not for winning. If he joins LeBron somewhere it will be for the ring, not for being the number one guy.

Personally, I think salaries are out of whack – it’s all about the money -and these guys should be honest to their team and admit they’re leaving for fame and fortune. One or two in NY, one or two in NJ. There. Done!

Two athletes, an American and a Frenchman played tennis for over 11 hours over three days at Wimbledon. Wow, eh? I liked the publicity it got for tennis, but this can’t keep happening, so to avoid this from occuring again, Wimbledon needs to cut down on the number of breaks allowed. Rest assured it would not have gone half that long. I watched these guys break to pee (kidding), towel off, sit, take breathers… Make them play!

That being said… Republican Vern Buchanan, (Florida)tweeted about this 11-hour, five-minute match between American John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, of France; “Think Wimbledon tickets are expensive? Our National Debt has gone up by $1,729,000,000 during the Isner v. Mahut match #USA.”

Well! If that isn’t just ridiculus.

What happened to the King? Why are LeBron James’ Cavs on the Brink of Elimination?

What is going on the NBA?

The Orlando Magic have not lost a game in the playoffs to date and the King, LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are on the brink of elimination to the Boston Celtics.

I am not going to mention, yet again, how I despise Vince Carter for what he did as a Raptor, but I am rooting against the Magic because he plays on that team.

As for the Cavs… We all know how I felt about LBJ stating that he wanted to play the Bulls in the playoffs because the Raps, in his opinion, seemed that they didn’t want to make the playoffs.

Thank you for you opinion, LeBron. Next time I’ll give you a quarter so you can call someone who cares.

But seriously… If the Cavs lose to the Celtics there are going to be a lot of questions asked of LBJ. I mean the Cavs made changes to ensure he had a supporting cast to take them to the championship in hopes he would stay in Cleveland, so if they don’t make it what does that mean for his potential windfall? Well, nothing.

He’ll still get the big bucks to take his show and plethora of tattoos to another city, probably a big city, where he can do commercials, act, and talk about “stuff” after dominating meaningless regular season games.

Sure he wanted the pathetic Bulls over the more pathetic Raptors but I think if the Cavs lose all fingers will be pointing to the Cavs star, questioning whether his focus is on everything else but basketball.

Sure the Cavs are going to be in tough against the Celtics. The defending champs have Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, Allen… Key players who have been there before. I’m sure after games they care more about the next game than who they thought deserved to be in the playoffs and who didn’t try hard enough.

While I’m not sure anyone can stop the Magic, I at least would have expected this year to be LeBron’s coming out party. Who knows where he will be next year and if that team will be any better or any worse than this Cavaliers team.

And really, at the end of the day, if the Cavs go bust, there will be a lot of questions surrounding LeBron’s ability to get the job done in the post season.

This may be his make or break campaign.

As a Raptors supporter I can only utter the following sentiment…

Go Celtics!!!

LeBron James calls out the Toronto Raptors

I just saw a clip on TV of Cleveland basketball star LeBron James calling out the Toronto Raptors.  He basically said they were not interested in winning and making the playoffs, and he was glad the Chicago Bulls did because the Bulls are a tough team that plays hard every possession…

Excuse me?!?

I’m shaking my head and really puzzled who the heck this guy thinks he is…

Add to that the fact that I hate the fact that pro sports give millions upon millions of dollars to high school kids and then hang on to their every word like it matters.  I don’t want my children looking to pro athletes as role models.  I want them looking up to police officers, doctors, fire-fighters…

I can’t get over the fact that Mr. high school millionaire is telling the world that he thinks the Toronto Raptors don’t want to win.  So I guess all the Raptors management, coaching staff, players and fans were all being misled and thank goodness LeBron came around to let us all know. 

Oh, and spouting crap, LeBron, while wearing you white “LB” sweater, you may have set the Raptors franchise back a couple years but putting doubt in the heads of potential free-agents.  Someone has to listen to you, so why not other under-educated millionaires?!?

LeBron James.  I watch you play basketball on TV because that is what you are good at.  Sure you made some funny commercials, but you play sports for a living.  I don’t care what opinion you have on politics, the economy, evolution or the existence of G-d.  I really don’t care to hear what you think about another pro franchise.  Your opinion on the Toronto Raptors is thoughtless and irresponsible.  You should be fined by the NBA and told to shut the fuck up. 

I don’t ask my doctor about my landscaping and I don’t ask my electrician about my fever.

Go count your money and keep quiet!