Random Sports thoughts for a long weekend.

  • I loved the R-Truth / John Morrison segment on RAW the other night.  Brought a whole new look at R-Truth who I could not stand mainly because of the singing and the piercings.  I could have done without the smoking, however.
  • Hoping the Buffalo Sabres – who held off the Toronto Maple Leafs late season surge beat the Philadelphia Flyers.  I detest the Flyers – well everything Philly, except the Phillies.  To see them lose will hopefully be a sign to management there that being the league bullies will not bring success and championships.  Hartnell, Carcillo, Pronger, Versteeg, Mike Richards… Ugh.
  • Any chance the Heat are going to lose in the 1st round?  Doubt it.
  • IF the NHL brings the Jets back to Winnipeg, I think the country of Canada should arrange a deal with the Jets where by people buy a Jets jersey and 50% of it goes to the team to help it keep some cash so it won’t be considered a small market.  I’d buy one!
  • I watch TNA wrestling and as much as I like the wrestling, I realize each and every Thursday night how bad the writing is.  Storylines come and go with no rhyme or reason, people like Rick Flair and still in there, and guys like Gunner and Murphy and Rob Terry are portrayed as useless.  Even RVD gets called out for being a pothead in the show.  I just don’t get it.  If I wanted to watch the alsorans from the WWE, I’d watch Superstars, not Impact.
  • Come to think of it… I think Philly management might be writing for TNA… The Flyers always like to be big and tough, however, no goaltending and too many goons is a huge problem.  They got to the finals with Michael Leighton, then gave him a huge contact but he didn’t play well this year so they turned to Bobrovsky, who had a bad game and they handed the reins over to Brian Boucher – who I used to watch in junior… Big talent, big ego I thought, and now Boucher let in soft goals so they’re back and Leighton whho may not have played since December 3rd or something crazy like that.  Hey Philly… Less goons, better goaltending!

The “Monday night war” is over. Give it up TNA

TNA iMPACT! earned a 0.6 cable rating. It is the lowest rating for the show since a Saturday night edition in 2005.

WWE RAW Monday earned a 3.7 cable rating.

The WWE Hall of Fame Saturday earned a 1.3 cable rating.

Although some common sense still exists in TNA as the Nasty Boys 90 day contracts were not renewed.

Maybe these ratings will convince Dixie Carter to stop trash-talking the WWE and keep her mouth shut…


I turned on my TV last night expecting to see TNA go up against WWE for a second week in a row, but there was no TNA on.

Confused, I chose to scan the channels looking for the show.


Odd… And dumb at the same time. After going head-to-head on January 4th you would think TNA would want to capitalize on their momentum, wouldn’t you?

They obviously don’t!

So I watched RAW and was disappointed with the matches. They sucked. Bad endings, missed spots. I think the camerawork was too good actually. I did like that Cena was booed, that Orton won and that Tyson turned. Little horny makes me laugh.

I miss the cruiserweights and never understood why the girls never get the pop they deserve.

So by the time Thursday night rolls around, TNA will have lost momentum and be back to the boring, poorly produced show they were in 2009.  Too bad.

TNA… Really?

So I watched the first 5 minutes of TNA tonight and to my shock and surprise it was exactly the same crap I could only stand watching for a few minutes at a time.

It starts with that idiot promo guy talking in his stupid deep voice which is really annoying and then instead of a new promo its the same.

Then they go to a very fat and clearly intoxicated Scott Hall pretending it’s 1995 again, and a very old Hulk Hogan limping down the ramp.  Boy are they in good hands now… Sponsored by rub A535…

So I turned to RAW to see the Hitman – that was tense, then cool, then interesting…

When I left TNA, Hulk was talking about how it was his program and people were going to have to work for their spots, yadda, yadda, yadda.  He brought in the Nasty Boys, Orlando Jordan… Yeah, yeah.  Hated them in WWE, still hate them in TNA. 

The biggest surprise I found was the fact that I thought TNA might work because they wrestle more and talk less, but all they did on TNA was talk.  Hogan talked, Bischoff talked, Christy Hemme talked, Hogan talked more, Jeff Jarrett talked… so I switched back to WWE.

I was also recalling the entrance of Hulk – they showed him coming to the arena in a limo – someone jumped in part way (Mike Tenay appeared shocked in a really scripted sort of way).  Then Hogan got to the ring and said three times that he was in the back with the wrestlers “all day”.  So which was it Hulk? 

And how annoying do you find it that Tenay talks through pinfall attempts in matches because he knows when the win will come.  Takes the fun out of the matches.  Or when the ref holds up on the 3 count before the wrestler kicks out because he is ready for the 3 count and the wrestler has not kicked out yet.  He is forced to come down but swerve away.  Then the wrestler kicks out.  It’s way too scripted..  UGH.

All in all… Yawn.  Same TNA, but now same “OLD” TNA.  The beat down of Mick Foley at the end did not leave me with excitement that things were going to be different.  All I see now is that, shocking, wrestlers are going to have to earn their spots.  That’s new…

Why not have the same old TNA start, Hogan come in, bring his guys and change it on the spot to something newer, cooler and not WWE.  Stealing all that WWE has created – intro, rock music, fireworks, wrestlers… considering that TNA has shitty production and Taz aside, horrible announcers, makes this a B-promotion still.  They need the NWO but not in the same way the WWE has gone too long with DX, but something dramatic and different.

What did you think?

Jan 4th TNA vs WWE

Tonight is the big RAW vs. iMpact head-to-head challenge.

Which one will you be watching?

RAW with Bret “Hitman” Hart as the celebrity GM, or Impact with Hulk Hogan at the helm?

Will you flip back and forth?

Are you looking forward to seeing Cena vs. Shaemus – the rematch? or the likes of Scott Hall, x-pac, Shannon Moore and other other ex-WWE “stars” competing in the 6-sided octagon. Would you watch impact to see some dude named Bubba the Love Sponge?

I’m watching RAW although intrigued enough to flip to impact if RAW gets goofy or boring.

Monday night wars have heated up!

Why TNA is in the news, but still sucks…

It is being rumored that some old names will pop up on the live edition of TNA iMPACT! set for Monday, January 4. Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair’s names are being tossed around.  (Emphasis on the word “old”)

Can’t wait.

My memories of Hall, and Flair are of them being old and fat.

Waltman… He was having sex with that he/she called Chyna.  Shudder.

Van Dam… Last seen on TV promoting marijana usage.  Positive image for the new TNA, Eh Hulk (“I wish I had killed my wife like OJ did”) Hogan…

And what about that female wrestler Roxxi who came back to TNA after being off wrestling somewhere else.  Got a big promo, then proceeded to break her leg the following week.  Sad.  This is how the promotion operates.  In WWE they would use her injury to get someone else over.  Here… Nope.

So Jan 4th, I’ll be watching… RAW.  Maybe switch over to see the old fogies ewvery now and then.  RAW has really sucked lately and I hate the lack of wrestling and short matches, but TNA makes me angry that they want to copy WWE.  They should copy ROH or the old ECW.