NBA: D-Wade NOT joining LBJ in Cleveland. Off to Chicago instead!

After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, the 12-time All-Star and 3-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade has decided to sign a 2-year $47 million dollar deal with the Chicago Bulls.

In returning to his hometown to play ball, the Chicago native turned down $40 million from the Heat and offers from the Nuggets and Bucks to join them.

The 34-year-old Wade joins a Bulls team that has a new point guard in Rajon Rondo and all-star shooting guard Jimmy Butler.

To make room for Wade, the Bulls sent guard, and former Toronto Raptor Jose Calderon and two future 2nd round picks to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for the rights to an undetermined player who isn’t currently in the NBA, and then they traded Mike Dunleavy to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wade leaves Miami as their career leader in games, minutes, field goals, field goal attempts, free throws, free throw attempts, assists, steals and points and second in blocked shots.



Chris Bosh, formerly of the Toronto Raptors

Let me begin by stating publically that I’m not sure if I can drink my large double, double from Tim Horton’s so long as they have a picture of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo on it.

I know the first Timmy’s opened there, but come on! Toronto… Double Blue… AAArrrGGGoooosssss!!!

Now, basketball…

So LeBron James had decide to speak… First he somehow thinks it is a good idea to hold a press conference and tells the world how great he is – in the middle of prime time TV slot, with the interview taking place in a boys and girls club. No sympathy points won here buddy.

Then he shuns his former team by saying how much he did for them.

At this point, I’m thinking he’s the biggest (richest) a**hole in the world.


He goes on Larry King live – interviewed in the courtyard of his palatial estate in front of an elaborate water fountain, and tells Larry how great he is, how big his house is and again how great he is.

I’m thinking, now I know he’s an giant (stinking rich) a**hole.


He talks about his mom and how she had him when she was just 16 and how he doesn’t know how she did it. As a father of three kids in my late 30’s I’m not sure how she did it either. He went on to say that his motivation to be the best player in the world and to do the right thing is because of her.


While I still want the Heat to lose every game, I’m softening my stance on the whole LBJ thing.

I’m also softening my stance on the collusion aspect where other league execs are calling on the NBA to investigate how the Heat could re-sign Wade, and sign Bosh and James.

I mean come on. The Heat must have arranged this over a year ago for them to be able to draw up and execute their plan to dump contracts and make room for these guys. If Bosh, Wade and James go elsewhere, the Heat have 4 guys signed for the 2010/2011 campaign. That would be crazy… But… While that did seem suspicious, the Knicks and Nets pretty much did the same thing. I’m also sure the Bulls had room. These teams cleared up cap space and took a run at these 3 free agents who had apparently decided years ago they were all going to play together. With that, do NOT believe when any of these guys utter the phrase, “I was strongly considering staying in [insert city Toronto or Cleveland here]”. No you were not! You wanted to be wined and dined by other teams in order to experience the free agent feelings but you were gone years ago. Both Bosh and LBJ would be respected had they said all along this was the plan, instead of leading on the other cities and the fans.

But how much would I have laughed if LBJ announced that he was joining the Toronto Raptors… We have a monarchy in Canada, so “King James” could have met Queen Elizabeth who is on tour right now in Toronto. What would CB4 have done?

So being a basketball fan, but not a diehard fan, I am a bit surprised when I hear that the Raptors will be okay and possibly compete for a playoff spot as a result of the acquisitions they made after CB. They sucked with him… and to think they might contend for a playoff spot without him makes me wonder what Miami is getting… Will he ever touch the ball there?

Raptors Hedo Turkaglu wants out of Toronto

So, this Turkey Doesn’t Like Toronto, eh?

Who the heck does Hedo Turk-a-who? think he is?

Hedo Turkoglu tells Turkish TV that he is done playing NBA basketball in Toronto and would like to be traded. Really? How valuable is a poor playing, party-too-much, no-loyalty whiner worth? Less when you go public with your trade demands…

I guess I am pretty much okay with that, even with Toronto all but losing Chris Bosh to free agency.

Any player making the kind of money today’s professional athletes garner, playing a game, should not be surprised when fans have expectations of them. I have expectations…

I want a player who gives it their all, plays through pain, is a role model and leads by example. You don’t have to be the best at your craft but you do have to be one of the hardest workers.

Hence my frustration with the Toronto Raptors and with Good ‘Ol Hedo.

He just never looked like he was trying.

What’s that Hedo? “Ball” You say?!?

Is that all you could muster for a city dying to support this team, hoping you could be the piece of the puzzle to get them to the next level.


Well “Ball”, indeed.

I think Toronto Life hit the nail on the head when speculating as to why Hedo want to take his ball and go home;

“Turkoglu was fined last season after he was caught out and about in Yorkville immediately after missing a game due to what he claimed was a stomach virus. The punishment left him unimpressed. “If I had a more temperamental personality, I would have left the team,” said Turkoglu, who also reneged on a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers last summer in favour of Toronto. “When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city.”

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going to a city with more money and better parties.”

So by tipping his hat and all but demanding out of this city, what does that do to Raps GM Bryan Colangelo? With other teams knowing the Raptors need an out of this pickle – a player signing just for the dollars, not producing and being unhappy when being called out – then return is going to be diminished.

Thank you Hedo for speaking up and demanding out before the Raps fans turfed you out. If you don’t want to be here, please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Maybe you could come back to party!

Hopefully your next employer will be more tolerant of your carefree attitude, and allow you to skip games and still party, and in return you can provide better interviews and respect the fans and team that is over-paying you play this game.

What are you doing, Chris Bosh?!?

Memo to Chris Bosh, current and it sounds like, former, Toronto Raptors star:

Stop jerking the fans of Toronto around.

I follow you on Twitter – I follow a bunch of people around that I really don’t care about, but it’s kind of fun to try and read their cryptic messages to their peeps… When I have nothing else to do – and I saw that you changed your location from “Toronto” to “Everywhere” and that a bunch of people feel that is your way of telling the Toronto sporting community that you plan of leaving TO since you are a free agent.

If that is in fact the case, then I’ll be glad when you are gone.

You see, CB4, there were others before you.  Damon Stoudamire, some guy named Vince Carter, and another called Tracy McGrady.  They were the Raptors and they left.  The team lived on. 

You, as the go to guy, have lead this team to pretty much nothing.  You show signs of being mentally tough and willing to fight through adversity, then you turn around and promote yourself for the All-Star game and take long periods of time rehabbing injuries.

Toronto likes winners, but more than that, we like tough guys.  We like the Wendel Clarks, the Doug Gilmours, the Pinball Clemons of the world.  We like the guys who play through pain, endure challenges in their lives and take their game to a higher level. 

When you didn’t show up for the Raps last few games, even try to show the fans you wanted to play, it told me that at however many hundred million dollars you are being paid, it wold be better if another team gave that to you instead of Toronto.  That way we can start again and find some guys who want to be here and will pay the price to wear the purple dinosaur.

I just can’t get past the bad taste in my mouth that summarizes the Chris Bosh era in Toronto.  I recall a lot about you and very little about the team.

If it’s true CB4 that you want to leave TO, be a man and say it.  At least that way when we boo you, you’ll know why.  We’ll respect you for having the balls to say it, but we’ll still boo you.