It’s officially baseball season!!!

Congratulations to the Chicago Black Hawks on winning the Stanley Cup, probably the most difficult championship to win in professional sports.

With this win, their first since 1961, it means my Toronto Maple Leafs have now gone the longest between cup wins, last hoisting the cup in 1967 – or 4 years before I was born.

Also nice to see an original 6 team win!

Some quick thoughts… I guess third time is a charm for Marian Hossa, eh?  And PAtrick Kane won’t have to beat up cabbies in Buffalo anymore, he can just flash them his Stanley Cup ring.  And what about Bill Wirtz.  Stringy former owner passed away and the first thing his son did upon taking over team was to televise games and remind Hawks fans and residents of Chicago that they still had an NHL team. 

That being said…


and with that, my poor Jays are having their asses handed to them by the Tampa Rays, formerly the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Apparently, the words “Bay” and “Devil” are satanic.  LOL.

But seriously… I’m hoping the Jays don’t tank it now that all eyes are on them, and I hope Vernon Wells continues his streak and we can trade him, as well as Overbay, and bring up the kids…  I hear the shortstop prospect Etchivierry and pitcher Drabek are blue chippers as is the first baseman whose name I do not know at this moment.

Go Jays!