NBA: D-Wade NOT joining LBJ in Cleveland. Off to Chicago instead!

After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, the 12-time All-Star and 3-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade has decided to sign a 2-year $47 million dollar deal with the Chicago Bulls.

In returning to his hometown to play ball, the Chicago native turned down $40 million from the Heat and offers from the Nuggets and Bucks to join them.

The 34-year-old Wade joins a Bulls team that has a new point guard in Rajon Rondo and all-star shooting guard Jimmy Butler.

To make room for Wade, the Bulls sent guard, and former Toronto Raptor Jose Calderon and two future 2nd round picks to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for the rights to an undetermined player who isn’t currently in the NBA, and then they traded Mike Dunleavy to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wade leaves Miami as their career leader in games, minutes, field goals, field goal attempts, free throws, free throw attempts, assists, steals and points and second in blocked shots.



I didn’t realize – WCW, Hockey, Basketball and why is Chris Bosh crying?

Things I didn’t realize;

1) I’m watching the vintage collection on TV and currently they are showing a lumberjack match between 2 of my favourite wrestlers, Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat and Big Van Vader (managed by Harley Race).

I’m not sure I was aware back in the WCW days just how big they got.  At ringside of this match includes; Arn Anderson, Sid Vicious, Sting, Harlem Heat (Booker T), Davey Boy Smith,  but there are also some terrible wrestlers here like Tugboat, and Kevin Sullivan’s slow brother.  Those guys were a waste of everyone’s time, but the rest were quite a compliment.  So great wrestlers, but no writers.

2) I didn’t realize that the game of basketball meant anything to Chris Bosh.  I mean he did tell the entire City of Toronto that his decision to join buddies James and Wade in South Beach was a “business decision” and not personal.  So if it was just a business decision, why the heck was Bosh crying as he stumbled back to the locker room after the Miami (C)Heat lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks. 

He looked like such a weenie.

I will always have fond memories of when Chris was leaving the court after the game, hand over face, crying up a storm probably because he was embarrassed the Heat lost.

Here is what Toronto Raptor Sonny Weems had to say about that incident;

@IamAmirJohnson and @DeMar_DeRozan why your boy was out there acting like that in the tunnel lol
He he.
It was also good to see Cleveland Cavaliers’ own congratulating the Mavs and saving something to the effect of; “You have to wait in line to win and cannot do it by taking shortcuts.  That was for you, LeBron James… Maybe you should have shown up for the finals instead of leaning on Wade to get you your ring…
I also wondered why Mavs star forward Dirk Nowitski left the floor before the NBA Championship was presented to his team?  Dude went to the locker room.   I’m not sure I get the NBA.  In the NHL and MLB , the teams that win championships actually look happy and want to celebrate with their teammates.  Not Dirk… 
3) I’m also glad that the Boston Bruins have tied the NHL Stanley Cup finals at 3 each against the Vancouver Canucks.  While I dislike players like Raffi Torres, Max Lapierre or the diving I have seen from Burrows or Kessler, I certainly do not like the fans. 
I know of one fan who has a Canucks jersey that says “HATE LEAFS” on the back.  Really?  Your team is in the finals and all you can think about is Toronto?  Very odd indeed.  Sure the Leafs have been brutal for quite a while, it would be really nice to see the cup in the hands of former Leafs Kabarle and Tukka Rask, or Tyler Seguin the 2nd overall draft pick that Boston got from Toronto in the Phil Kessel trade. 
I kind of feel that it’s the closest the Leafs are going to get to a cup in my lifetime, plus Tim Thomas is a much more deserving cup winner than Roberto Luongo which is why I am voting for the Bruins to hoist the cup this year and not the Canucks. 
They’re already blaming Toronto out there for being the centre of the universe.  Might as well be for this too.
Go B’s Go!

What happened to the King? Why are LeBron James’ Cavs on the Brink of Elimination?

What is going on the NBA?

The Orlando Magic have not lost a game in the playoffs to date and the King, LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are on the brink of elimination to the Boston Celtics.

I am not going to mention, yet again, how I despise Vince Carter for what he did as a Raptor, but I am rooting against the Magic because he plays on that team.

As for the Cavs… We all know how I felt about LBJ stating that he wanted to play the Bulls in the playoffs because the Raps, in his opinion, seemed that they didn’t want to make the playoffs.

Thank you for you opinion, LeBron. Next time I’ll give you a quarter so you can call someone who cares.

But seriously… If the Cavs lose to the Celtics there are going to be a lot of questions asked of LBJ. I mean the Cavs made changes to ensure he had a supporting cast to take them to the championship in hopes he would stay in Cleveland, so if they don’t make it what does that mean for his potential windfall? Well, nothing.

He’ll still get the big bucks to take his show and plethora of tattoos to another city, probably a big city, where he can do commercials, act, and talk about “stuff” after dominating meaningless regular season games.

Sure he wanted the pathetic Bulls over the more pathetic Raptors but I think if the Cavs lose all fingers will be pointing to the Cavs star, questioning whether his focus is on everything else but basketball.

Sure the Cavs are going to be in tough against the Celtics. The defending champs have Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, Allen… Key players who have been there before. I’m sure after games they care more about the next game than who they thought deserved to be in the playoffs and who didn’t try hard enough.

While I’m not sure anyone can stop the Magic, I at least would have expected this year to be LeBron’s coming out party. Who knows where he will be next year and if that team will be any better or any worse than this Cavaliers team.

And really, at the end of the day, if the Cavs go bust, there will be a lot of questions surrounding LeBron’s ability to get the job done in the post season.

This may be his make or break campaign.

As a Raptors supporter I can only utter the following sentiment…

Go Celtics!!!