Toronto’s Best Kept Sporting Secret. Shhh. Don’t Tell Anyone. The Toronto Rock are in the Champions Cup Final!

Do you want to know Toronto’s best kept sporting secret?

Promise me you won’t tell anyone? 

It’s the Toronto Rock lacrosse team.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the team is not selling out the Air Canada Centre for each and every one of their 8 homes games and so far one playoff game.  Yes, folks, a Toronto team that makes the playoffs!!!

Sure 10,000-15,000 is a great crowd and some nights over the past 10 years, this team has out drawn the Toronto Blue Jays, but for this sport and this team I’m at a loss for words.  If you have never seem lacrosse live, and you like the toughness of hockey and the pace of basketball, well you will love lacrosse.

Lacrosse (or the cross as my son calls it) has a 30 second shot clock which keeps the action fast and furious, but is tough like hockey except lacrosse has a lot of goals, lots of hitting and with music playing throughout the game, it makes this event a must-see for everyone.  It’s great for kids too!

I love watching this team so much that I am a season ticket holder.  I have been since the team started playing at Maple Leaf Gardens.  And sadly, while I am going to miss the Champions Cup re-match tomorrow afternoon at the ACC against the Washington Stealth, I will be PVR’ing the game and watching it “live” with my boys.

We will have out white rally towels and I will be wearing my blue original Toronto Rock jersey.  The boys will have their farewell Jim “Scoop” Veltman t-shirts on.

Go Rock Go!

Bring the Cup back to Toronto.  May 15th, 2pm Air Canada Centre.  Tickets are selling fast.  If you want them, get down to the ACC box office at least 2 hours before the game or you won’t get it!