I didn’t realize – WCW, Hockey, Basketball and why is Chris Bosh crying?

Things I didn’t realize;

1) I’m watching the vintage collection on TV and currently they are showing a lumberjack match between 2 of my favourite wrestlers, Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat and Big Van Vader (managed by Harley Race).

I’m not sure I was aware back in the WCW days just how big they got.  At ringside of this match includes; Arn Anderson, Sid Vicious, Sting, Harlem Heat (Booker T), Davey Boy Smith,  but there are also some terrible wrestlers here like Tugboat, and Kevin Sullivan’s slow brother.  Those guys were a waste of everyone’s time, but the rest were quite a compliment.  So great wrestlers, but no writers.

2) I didn’t realize that the game of basketball meant anything to Chris Bosh.  I mean he did tell the entire City of Toronto that his decision to join buddies James and Wade in South Beach was a “business decision” and not personal.  So if it was just a business decision, why the heck was Bosh crying as he stumbled back to the locker room after the Miami (C)Heat lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks. 

He looked like such a weenie.

I will always have fond memories of when Chris was leaving the court after the game, hand over face, crying up a storm probably because he was embarrassed the Heat lost.

Here is what Toronto Raptor Sonny Weems had to say about that incident;

@IamAmirJohnson and @DeMar_DeRozan why your boy was out there acting like that in the tunnel lol
He he.
It was also good to see Cleveland Cavaliers’ own congratulating the Mavs and saving something to the effect of; “You have to wait in line to win and cannot do it by taking shortcuts.  That was for you, LeBron James… Maybe you should have shown up for the finals instead of leaning on Wade to get you your ring…
I also wondered why Mavs star forward Dirk Nowitski left the floor before the NBA Championship was presented to his team?  Dude went to the locker room.   I’m not sure I get the NBA.  In the NHL and MLB , the teams that win championships actually look happy and want to celebrate with their teammates.  Not Dirk… 
3) I’m also glad that the Boston Bruins have tied the NHL Stanley Cup finals at 3 each against the Vancouver Canucks.  While I dislike players like Raffi Torres, Max Lapierre or the diving I have seen from Burrows or Kessler, I certainly do not like the fans. 
I know of one fan who has a Canucks jersey that says “HATE LEAFS” on the back.  Really?  Your team is in the finals and all you can think about is Toronto?  Very odd indeed.  Sure the Leafs have been brutal for quite a while, it would be really nice to see the cup in the hands of former Leafs Kabarle and Tukka Rask, or Tyler Seguin the 2nd overall draft pick that Boston got from Toronto in the Phil Kessel trade. 
I kind of feel that it’s the closest the Leafs are going to get to a cup in my lifetime, plus Tim Thomas is a much more deserving cup winner than Roberto Luongo which is why I am voting for the Bruins to hoist the cup this year and not the Canucks. 
They’re already blaming Toronto out there for being the centre of the universe.  Might as well be for this too.
Go B’s Go!

Random Sports thoughts for a long weekend.

  • I loved the R-Truth / John Morrison segment on RAW the other night.  Brought a whole new look at R-Truth who I could not stand mainly because of the singing and the piercings.  I could have done without the smoking, however.
  • Hoping the Buffalo Sabres – who held off the Toronto Maple Leafs late season surge beat the Philadelphia Flyers.  I detest the Flyers – well everything Philly, except the Phillies.  To see them lose will hopefully be a sign to management there that being the league bullies will not bring success and championships.  Hartnell, Carcillo, Pronger, Versteeg, Mike Richards… Ugh.
  • Any chance the Heat are going to lose in the 1st round?  Doubt it.
  • IF the NHL brings the Jets back to Winnipeg, I think the country of Canada should arrange a deal with the Jets where by people buy a Jets jersey and 50% of it goes to the team to help it keep some cash so it won’t be considered a small market.  I’d buy one!
  • I watch TNA wrestling and as much as I like the wrestling, I realize each and every Thursday night how bad the writing is.  Storylines come and go with no rhyme or reason, people like Rick Flair and still in there, and guys like Gunner and Murphy and Rob Terry are portrayed as useless.  Even RVD gets called out for being a pothead in the show.  I just don’t get it.  If I wanted to watch the alsorans from the WWE, I’d watch Superstars, not Impact.
  • Come to think of it… I think Philly management might be writing for TNA… The Flyers always like to be big and tough, however, no goaltending and too many goons is a huge problem.  They got to the finals with Michael Leighton, then gave him a huge contact but he didn’t play well this year so they turned to Bobrovsky, who had a bad game and they handed the reins over to Brian Boucher – who I used to watch in junior… Big talent, big ego I thought, and now Boucher let in soft goals so they’re back and Leighton whho may not have played since December 3rd or something crazy like that.  Hey Philly… Less goons, better goaltending!

What a great week for sports!!!

Man, last week was a GREAT week for sports! Lots going on. It all started with Cliff Lee re-signing with the Phillies (Ha Ha Yankees) and never stopped.

Here are the highlights in my eyes;

  • DeSean Jackson’s last second punt return that completed the Philadelphia Eagles’ comeback against the New York Giants earlier on Sunday is already being considered one of the most incredible finishes in football history and I missed it… The game – not surprising since I don’t really like football – but on replay / highlight too…
  •  On Friday, the Phoenix Suns pulled off a six-player trade in which they sent leading scorer Jason Richardson, Earl Clark and former lousy Raptor Hedo Turk-a-poo to the Orlando Magic for for Crap-tor Wince Carter, and 2 guys I have never heard of named Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus and a 2011 first-round pick and cash in case Carter sucks, I guess.
  • Washington Wizards send Gilbert (Bang Bang) Arenas to the Magic for Rashard Lewis.  The Magic will now prohibit betting in the locker room.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers win the Zack Greinke sweepstakes, joining ex-Jay Shaun Marcum.
  • Edge wins the WWE World Heavyweight title
  • Penguins sniper Sideny Crosby’s amazing point streak continued.
  • Also Hawks on a roll, NYI stinking, Heat starting to Gel and Chris Bosh?!?  Really?

The Week that Was – Wrestling

So Jeff Hardy showed up last night to the TNA PPV not fit to wrestle… Anyone surprised? He’s the face of TNA… Yikes!

MVP has asked for and been released by the WWE. Yay! I thought that (yawn) MVP left years ago. He wrestled in slo-motion and I hated the outfits and breathe-right stripe.

Jillian Hall is also gone. Good riddance… She was pretty useless from all angles.

Matt Hardy Released by the WWE

For weeks and weeks, Matt Hardy has been telling anyone who will listen to the “MattHardyBrand” that he wants out of the WWE, and that wish has finally come true for the former superstar who more recently looked a little washed up and like he is in pain with every step.

When Matt started getting fat and his character never evolved it was time for him to move on… Why not TNA. They love the WWE cast-offs.

As has become standard by WWE practices, the Fed announced the release on its website, stating, “WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy, effective as of October 15, 2010. WWE wishes Matt Hardy the best in his future endeavors.”

As expected, once his release became public Hardy has been tweeting up a storm (I follow him and Jeff) discussing his future in wrestling.

He had this to say, “Thank God! 🙂 I swear.. It was harder for me to get released then it was to get hired! This is ABSOLUTELY what I want, now I can be me! I wanna thank WWE for giving me an opportunity, & I thank all the people & friends that helped me there. But I HAD to move on to be happy.”

I recall Hardy getting his big break as a member of the of the New Brood, guided by Gangrel. When you think about the Brood – Hardy, Edge, Christian, that was a lot of talent in one group.

I think the beginning of the end for Hardy occurred after his big moment in the spotlight with Lita as Team Extreme. His Matt Hardy Version 1 gimmick was great, but when he was being followed by Shannon Moore and Crash Holly it weakened his character.

When Matt’s real-life girlfriend, Lita, started dating Edge, it was written into a story-line in what is perhaps his best-known feud from his WWE career. For months, Edge and Hardy battled on Monday nights, with the blowoff coming in a “Loser Leaves Raw” ladder match. As a result of losing the bout, Hardy was moved to Smackdown.

Back on Smackdown, Hardy feuded with the very-overrated MVP. It was during this fued that Hardy’s body began to breakdown, and he missed some time to recover from an appendectomy. Hardy defeated MVP for the United States title. While holding the belt, Hardy was moved to ECW in 2008, where he would eventually gain the brand’s Heavyweight championship.

Hardy would hold the ECW title into 2009, and then shift into a feud, as a heel, with his brother, Jeff. The feud climaxed at WrestleMania, with Matt defeating his brother. Following the feud, Hardy would find his way back to Smackdown until he had to go under the knife once again in June. Hardy would eventually return to WWE, where he remained for the rest of his WWE career. He would also become a mentor on the first season of NXT, with Justin Gabriel under his guidance.

Hardy looked like he was disinterested and with his best years clearly behind him, he asked for and was given his release. I think of him like I do the team of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty which Jeff being Michaels and Matt being Jannetty.

El Gigante / Giant Gonzalez has died at 44 years old.

I saw this article on the passing of El Gigante / Giant Gonzalez and all I remembered was that silly costume the WWE made him wear, and upon following this link to the actual article, low and behold, there is a picture of him in that costume in a match versus the Undertaker.

Have a look. The link is below.


Former WWE Star Lance Cade, Dead at 29 Years Old

First time I saw LAce Cade, and Trevor Murdoch together I remembered watchinig Dirty Dick Murdoch and the Rebel Dick Slater – known as the Hardliners (or Hardline Collection Agency), kicking ass all over the WCW, their feud with the Steiners was legendry. I didn’t know that Murdoch died of a heart attack in 1996.

Cade and Murdoch had all the tools to be that rough, tough, team, but then all of a sudden, the WWE splits up the pair and Trevor Murdoch becomes the signing cowboy… Brutal!

Anyways, that is all a moot point now, upon hearing that Lance case has passed away at the very young age of 29. He leaves two daughters and a step-son. His father confirmed he was addicted to painkillers… Poor kids.

Here is a link to the Huffington Post story (I’m liking this site more and more with each passing day).