The Nashville Predators Just Embarrassed Themselves and Their Fans

I love anything that gets rivalries ignited!

Fan's Fronchroom

So Much for “Southern Hospitality”

Alright, I’m going to do my best to avoid ranting altogether in regards to this issue, but I’d be lying if I said I could make that promise–either way, this ordeal absolutely needs to be mainstream knowledge for hockey fans all over the world.

Visiting a neighboring team’s city and arena for  a road game. A lot of us Chicagoans have done it, especially since our team’s resurgence has led to such a dramatic rise in individual ticket prices. It can be an absolutely awesome experience to visit another arena, and be introduced to the unique hockey culture that exists within one of the Hawks’ rivaling franchises. I have countless friends and family who have visited places like Nashville, Columbus, St. Louis, and even Michigan and Florida to watch the Hawks play on the road. Hockey fans are some of the most warm, passionate and…

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How Awesome is This! Win Safari Niagara Passes here!


The Urban Daddy® & Urban Twin Mommy

Safari Niagar_Logo  As a father of 3 young children, we are always looking for fun, exciting things to do on the weekends with them which are hopefully mentally and physically stimulating, educational and hopefully interesting for us as well.  After 8 years of being a dad, we’ve been just about everywhere here in Toronto and surrounding area and I thought we had visited, heard of, or knew of all the great places to visit until I came across Safari Niagara.

Have you heard about Safari Niagara before?  Have you been there?  Did you know it is only 10 minutes from Niagara Falls in Stevensville, Ontario, and did you know that Safari Niagara is for visitors of all ages and all abilities and not only are there animals on a 150-acre, privately owned and operated nature park, which is home to more than 750 animals of native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds.

If that is not enough…

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I didn’t realize – WCW, Hockey, Basketball and why is Chris Bosh crying?

Things I didn’t realize;

1) I’m watching the vintage collection on TV and currently they are showing a lumberjack match between 2 of my favourite wrestlers, Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat and Big Van Vader (managed by Harley Race).

I’m not sure I was aware back in the WCW days just how big they got.  At ringside of this match includes; Arn Anderson, Sid Vicious, Sting, Harlem Heat (Booker T), Davey Boy Smith,  but there are also some terrible wrestlers here like Tugboat, and Kevin Sullivan’s slow brother.  Those guys were a waste of everyone’s time, but the rest were quite a compliment.  So great wrestlers, but no writers.

2) I didn’t realize that the game of basketball meant anything to Chris Bosh.  I mean he did tell the entire City of Toronto that his decision to join buddies James and Wade in South Beach was a “business decision” and not personal.  So if it was just a business decision, why the heck was Bosh crying as he stumbled back to the locker room after the Miami (C)Heat lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks. 

He looked like such a weenie.

I will always have fond memories of when Chris was leaving the court after the game, hand over face, crying up a storm probably because he was embarrassed the Heat lost.

Here is what Toronto Raptor Sonny Weems had to say about that incident;

@IamAmirJohnson and @DeMar_DeRozan why your boy was out there acting like that in the tunnel lol
He he.
It was also good to see Cleveland Cavaliers’ own congratulating the Mavs and saving something to the effect of; “You have to wait in line to win and cannot do it by taking shortcuts.  That was for you, LeBron James… Maybe you should have shown up for the finals instead of leaning on Wade to get you your ring…
I also wondered why Mavs star forward Dirk Nowitski left the floor before the NBA Championship was presented to his team?  Dude went to the locker room.   I’m not sure I get the NBA.  In the NHL and MLB , the teams that win championships actually look happy and want to celebrate with their teammates.  Not Dirk… 
3) I’m also glad that the Boston Bruins have tied the NHL Stanley Cup finals at 3 each against the Vancouver Canucks.  While I dislike players like Raffi Torres, Max Lapierre or the diving I have seen from Burrows or Kessler, I certainly do not like the fans. 
I know of one fan who has a Canucks jersey that says “HATE LEAFS” on the back.  Really?  Your team is in the finals and all you can think about is Toronto?  Very odd indeed.  Sure the Leafs have been brutal for quite a while, it would be really nice to see the cup in the hands of former Leafs Kabarle and Tukka Rask, or Tyler Seguin the 2nd overall draft pick that Boston got from Toronto in the Phil Kessel trade. 
I kind of feel that it’s the closest the Leafs are going to get to a cup in my lifetime, plus Tim Thomas is a much more deserving cup winner than Roberto Luongo which is why I am voting for the Bruins to hoist the cup this year and not the Canucks. 
They’re already blaming Toronto out there for being the centre of the universe.  Might as well be for this too.
Go B’s Go!

Sportsnet FAN590 morning show changes. AK is out!

There was a time a few months ago when the FAN590 decided to do away with their morning show duo of Gord Stellick and the other guy… I liked their show but it had gone on way too long.  I was tired about hearing stories about Gord as GM of the Leafs.

They tested a bunch of other morning show host – all pretty bland – while listeners like myself turned the dial to to AM640.

Then one day I switched back to the FAN and there was a trash-talking morning show host called Andrew Krystal.  apparently AK was a morning show guy in Toronto for some other station(s) prior to his stint in Halifax. 

I found Krystal to be loud and opinionated – which I’m okay with, but what drove me crazy was that he talked over everyone on the station.  He had a lot of puns and quips that would make CBC host Ron Maclean proud – but I found his humour to be potty humour that would make my kids giggle.  So while it took me a good few months to get his humour and be able to listen to longer parts of his show without losing patience, I never found myself turning on the FAN first wanting to hear his show – and I guess I was not the only one as Friday morning, the FAN had removed AK and replaced him with Greg Brady who they stole from AM640 and stuck at lunch time. 

I like Brady. I liked him on 640.  He laughs at his own jokes a lot, but he’s funny and knows his stuff.  I’m not saying AK didn’t but at least Brady let’s people talk.

I’ll be tuning in to the FAN more often the morning, especially when Oakley from AM640 has a lame topic because I find Brady way less irritating than Krystal.

Now you can too…

Why TNA Wrestling will NEVER overtake the WWE

There was no Impact this past Thursday night because TNA didn’t want to compete with the start of NFL football…



What if you love wrestling but hate football, like I do?

First they move from Thursday’s to Mondays to “compete” with RAW – during a period whe4n most RAW’s sucked – now no show on Thursday night?!?

Argh! VERY frustrating.

Dixie Carter… Dumb move!

What’s next? No show next Thursday because it’ll be season premier week and there will be a new Grey’s Anatomy?!?

Believe in the brand, Dixie! Believe in the brand!

Caroline Wozniacki – Female Tennis New Poster Child

All I’ve heard in the past few days is about this Tennis player named Caroline Wozniacki and how she is going to be the next best thing and how nice she is, yadda yadda yadda.

So in effort to learn a little more about her I googled her name, and found out that her skirt was too short at the US Open.

Thanks to my friends at the Huffington Post, you can click this link and see what the fuss is about.

So that leads me to ask 2 more questions…

1) Can she play? And if so, can she keep it up?
2) Is she as “nice” as others have described her as being or will she wilt under the spotlight as has happened to other female tennis players (read: Capriati – drugs, Seles – moaning / stabbed, Williams sisters – arrogance / questionable match fixing, Kournikova – couldn’t win the big one or recently, Sharapova – injuries).

G20 “Protestors” are like Sean Avery…

After a hectic weekend in downtown Toronto where a bunch of malcontents wrecked havoc on this city, I tried to put into words the harted I have for these low-life cowards…

Then it donned on me…

They remind me of Sean Avery.

They are sneaky, devious, dangerous and they snuck thorugh the crowd of legitimate protestors like Avery snakes around the ice looking for cause damage, to hurt someone.  The “protestors” covered their face in cowardice the same way Avery turtles or turns his back when someone comes after him.

In the NHL, people like Avery are called “pests” or “agitators”.  On the streets of Toronto these “people” who smashed windows and set police cars on fire in the name of the G20 are the Matt Cooke’s of the world.  They’ll hit you and knock you out from behind (or the side) because it’s much easier to do that then to do it face-to-face.

Nothing made me smile more than seeing the Toronto Police grab these ingrates from the crowd, cuff them and take them away.  Much the same way you love to see these agitators get tossed from the game or hurt trying to hurt someone else.