Jays Yankees brawl

I saw highlights of the brawl from last night’s baseball game between my Toronto Blue Jays and those no-good NY Yankees… It was about time.  While I HATE base-brawls, I think the Jays responded in a manner that was clear and appropriate.  It’s not like Jesse Carlson threw a fastball into the face of Jorge Posada in the same manner Josh Towers did to Randy Ruiz, but he sent a message by throwing behind Posada that the Jays were tired of getting thrown at… Hello, fastball to the back of Jays 2B Aaron Hill.

I mean 9 Jays batter hit this season by Yankee pitchers… Seriously…

It would have been more it former Jay A.J. Burnett had any control.

My solution(s) to solve the brawl problem in baseball.  Memo to that useless Commissioner Bud Selig;

1) Don’t let anyone from the dugout of bullpen leave.  Lock the doors.  If they leave they are suspended 20 games, or 5 starts each.  It’s insane to see them trotting in from the outfield… Why?  To make the circle bigger… No more!

2) Let the batter and pitcher fight like they do in hockey.  If the batter knew that by charging the mound he was going to engage the pitcher one-on-one, it would prevent smallish pitchers from throwing at bigger players and that any pitcher throwing at an opposing player’s head might get punched in the face, he might think twice.  But charging the mound with bat or helmet in hand is an automatic 50 game suspension.  Make contact with either?  You are gone for the season.

3) If you hit a guy intentionally, you cannot play against them for the rest of  the season.  If you retaliate, or get into a scrum and punch someone you no longer get to play against that team, hurting you and your team and preventing that team from retaliating.  It only makes sense.  And to that, if you hurt someone in a brawl and they are injured, you  are suspended for as long as it takes them to recover.  See hockey for implementing this rule.  If Gary Bettman and the NHL were not so preoccupied with their failed attempts to bring hockey to the Southern US, they might be able to take a look at how embarrassing their rules on fighting are, and the fact that players are allowed to run each other whether they have the puck or not because “that’s hockey”.   

Implement my rules and there will be less brawling, and where there are brawls, more exciting and relevant punishments.


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